There have been are there are many great Muslim Scholars who have spent their lifetime clarifying and explaining the fundamentals and intricacies of Islam.  Clearly the greatest of these is our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and it is primarily from his great teachings that we learn.

Watch this space as we populate it with brief biographies of great Islamic Scholars who have inspired this publication such as The great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself, his great family and companions (may Allah be please with all of them), Great Fuqahaa like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shaf’ee, Imam Ahmad bin Hambal and Imam Malik (mercy of Allah be upon them all), great Awliyaa Ikraam Hazrat Abdul Qadir jilani (may Allah be pleased with him), Data Ganj Baksh Hajweri, Shaikh Fareedudin Ganj Shakr, Hazrat Munazire Azam Muhammad Umar Ichirvi and Hazrat Allama Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi (mercy of Allah be upon all of them).