This book has been produced and published due to common questions being posed and discussed in the Muslim community.  Most of these are directly associated with the position, praise and respect associated with the our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Other subjects include the definition of shirk (polytheism), tawheed (oneness of Allah Almighty), awliyaa ikraam (noble friends of Allah) and Barzakh (life in grave).

There has been confusion and intentional misguidance by some people on these questions.  There has also been a lack of references and concise arguments which this publication has intended to address.  With limited  knowledge and bad intentions, certain people have tried to misguide and confuse the general Muslim population about certain fundamentals of Islam.  This is unacceptable and such people will have to answer on the Day of Judgement.

It is indeed interesting to note that there are still people trying their best to belittle our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  and then trying to justify their ignorance by misquoting Qur’an and hadith.  This childish and ignorant misunderstanding has to be tackled and is addressed in this book using evidences from Qur’an and hadith.  Providing clarity in confusion, truth in ignorance and light in darkness, this book is an essential asset for every Muslim household, library and Mosque.  It is written in clear and concise English and can be read by all ages.  Never before have such questions been answered in English in such a concise and comprehensive way.  All our common answers in one book mashaAllah.

Buy… enjoy… and learn.