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  • Is Allah Every- Where?

    Yes, Allah (swt) is everywhere in His attributes and essence without being any part of His Creation. To say He is not everywhere limits His Majesty.
  • Why do 40 day khatams?

    It is a confirmed sunnah to pass on reward to the dead on days 3, 7 & 40 and after 6 & 12 months.
  • Prove you can use Taweeth?

    Ta’weeth is a written du’a from Holy Qur’an or hadith for spiritual treatment. It is clearly permissible from the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
  • Why read Qur’an for the dead?

    We read Qur’an or give sadaqa to send blessings to the deceased and seek Allah’s forgiveness for them - and it does reach them – according to the Qur’an and sunnah.

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Aqaaid of the Muslim

Other questions asked and answered include, proof the Beloved Porpeht (pbuh) could read and write, proof that the universe was made from his blessed light and proof that he had no weaknesses whatsoever.


The Holy Qur’an

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Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal

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